Three days ago I was trying to force the deletion of some files by using rm -rf. I pressed enter and it spit out some errors mentioning directories a level above where I was. I instantly pressed Ctrl-c, but it was too late. Some files were already gone. My code! In despair I downloaded file recovery programs but neither of them found my files. I settled on rewriting the code from archives I had put in Dropbox, and now, after two days of coding, I'm back to where I was. (I have to admit, I think it's more elegant now than it was.)

This unpleasant happening prompted me to take extreme measures to make sure I don't lose code again. I did two things:

  1. Setup a FreeBSD server to push my git repositories to.
  2. Added a post-commit hook to archive git repositories and put them in Dropbox.

Here is the post-commit hook. (Note: it excludes the build directory from the archive.)


DIR=`basename "$PWD"`

# move above the git repo
cd "$PWD/.."

# tar and zip it
tar -cf "$DIR.tar" --exclude "$DIR/build" "$DIR"
gzip -f "$DIR.tar" > $DROPBOX