Below are several projects to which I have contributed. If you're looking for code samples, check out the Code page.


AmbitiousLemon is a non-profit, free, webhost for open source/freeware developers, students, non-profits, artists, and just about anyone else who wants to have a website but isn't selling anything.

I volunteered several years ago to rewrite the administration backend. I tore apart the original PHP code and reshaped it with Congo (the predecessor of Acorn, my PHP framework). It's still running that code from 2009.



AppGarden was a project where people could post ideas and vote them up or down. Similar in style to StackOverflow or Reddit.



TreeHouse was a project to give Forrst users a page they could link to as a "profile" or personal page. It scraped accounts that were linked to their Forrst profile and offered the content posted to each of those sites under their own tabs.


URL Shortener

I built a URL shortener to accompany my short personal domain name.